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TRUSTED NO. 1 CARPET DEALER . Malaysia’s leading supplier of high quality premium carpet.
IMhomestylist is a trendsetting Carpet Store focusing on modern and contemporary design.
Portfolio business: Carpets (You can custom carpet with variable size, colour and designs), Office Carpets and Surau Carpets.
• Materials: - Pure Soft Wool, Polyester, High Pile Low Pile, Viscose wool, Shaggy or Cowhide.
• Skin Friendly, No Stimulation, Does Not Produce or Does Not Contain the Adverse Impact of Hazards to Human Health and The Environment.
• Environmentally Friendly Dyes, Longer Wash Fastness.
• Dust cleaning, Easy to Clean, You Can Clean by Warm Water, Dry Cleaning, Dust Collector etc.
• Colourful And Diverse, Myriad Colours Derived from Natural, Bright and Active.
• Special Non-Slip Design on The Bottom, Preventing Dislocation, Non-slip.
• Suitable for Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Area etc.

If you want to purchase in bulk and get attractive prices, kindly contact +6011-12821899 (umyra) or email us at We will respond within 24 hours. We are open for any appointment session out of our working hours; you may contact us to set the time.